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Apple Bin Races - September 14, 2013


The Naches Valley Chamber and the Naches Lions Club are hosting a fun filled day full of food and events.

Car show information .. coming soon!

We will have Apple Bin Racing starting after the parade in front of Town Hall.

Apple Bin Race

Entry Form

Entry fee $100.00 w/cart $125.00 without cart

Click on the photos to see larger versions of the apple bin racers

Naches apple bin racesApple Bin Guidelines

  • All racing apple bins must pass a tech inspection before that apple bin can be approved to race
  • All apple bin racers must be made of an apple bin or an exact replica. No cutting or chopping to reduce weight. Holes can be drilled for attaching miscellaneous hardware

    Apple Bin Perameters
    Outside Diamater - 48”x48” (+/- 1”)
    Height - 24” (+/- 1”)
    Plywood thickness - 1/2”
    Replica drawings are available on request

  • Must have a steering apparatus and braking system controlled by the driver
  • All race teams are responsible for the functional operation of brakes and steering of their apple bin
  • The type of wheels are racers choice
  • May have a push bar no more than 24” beyond the apple bin
  • All components of the racing apple bin must have surfaces that won’t create a
    hazard to the driver or pushers
  • May be painted and decorated in “Family Friendly” art and wording.
  • All accessories must be secured to the apple bin
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines will mean disqualification
  • All teams are enccouraged to have their racing bins inspected early to allow for
    any modifications that must be made
  • Plastic bins can be used but will be given a 30# extra weight
  • Bins need to be tech-ed before Saturday

Rules and General Info

  • Tapple bin races in Nacheseams consist of 1 driver, 4 pushers
  • The driver must sit inside the apple bin and wear a bicycle/motorcycle helmet
  • All 4 pushers must be holding onto the apple bin when it crosses the finish line
  • Switching team members - Must have approval of Race Coordinator and new members must sign a new form
  • The racing distance is 100 feet
  • Grudge races will be allowed after the scheduled race events are finished
  • Guaranteed 2 races (double elimination format)
  • No motorized or assist devices are allowed on racers or apple bins
  • Shoes with cleats are allowed
  • All ties will be re-raced
  • Gambling is not allowed
  • No handing out of business fliers or brochures
  • Anyone arguing with the Tech Teamor Judges will be disqualified (theirdecisions are final andnon-negotiable)
  • Disqualified teams won’t get a refund
  • The intent of the rules is to providean equal opportunity for all participants, teams not abiding by these rules will be disqualified

For more information, please contact:

Randy Juette - randy@rjstires.com, (509) 653-2165

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Allen Bros. Inc.

Huibregtse, Louman Associates, Inc.

GS Long

Long Ranches
American West Bank
Naches Meadows

HR Spinner

Oak Creek Hardware

Town of Naches

RJ's Tire Factory

Marney Electric


Checkout all the photos from the 2012 race on Facebook!

Apple Bin Races - 2012


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